Kim Kardashian's Daughter North West Victim of Verbal Racist Attack on a Plane

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West and North West
Remember when Kim Kardashian took a personal stance against racism last month on her blog and wrote a lengthy piece about it?

No one knew the real reason as to why she posted the statement, however, a new report by Mirror UK claimed that it was rather Kim Kardashian's experience of having a woman went to the hysterics against her daughter, baby North West that specifically triggered this blog post.

On the newest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim explains the frightening situation to her family:

"I feel asleep, I woke up to this woman screaming, 'Kanye West's baby!'," Kim recalled, "The woman is screaming at my child, I jump up.."

"This lady stoof up in the cabin in first class, and yelled at the top of her lungs, 'she's with a black guy, and that baby is black! And you need to shut that black baby up!,"Kris Jennerchimes in.

Kim went on to say that the woman then started talking about her sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J, shouting, "'And she has a sex video with a black guy. How disgusting, with a black guy.' Like going on and on."

"It was the trip from hell. It was so racist," Kim said.

When told, Khloe Kardashian made it clear what she would've done in the situation, "I would've punched her in the face!".

Khloe, who cannot contain herself again, said: "I would say, hashtag, "I only like black cock! That's what I would say!"

Now that is why Khloe is my favorite Kardashian. What do you think of Kim and North's experience on a plane? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • Allison Edwards
    Allison Edwards

    Northwest is an adorable baby. Those racists should have been asked to get off the plane at the next stop, if they were going to continue making those terrible, offensive, remarks and banned from the airline for future flights. A law should also be implemented to forbid such behavior on air flights and have the perpetrators arrested.

  • Sammie Jackson
    Sammie Jackson

    Kim I am a black woman had a daughter with a white man she is white with blue eyes . I heard it to from black and whites about her she is 28 she can handle her self people are going to say things say thank u and walk on bye your daughter is going to grow up with a great family

  • Nana LeAnn
    Nana LeAnn

    KIM you really need to out this Racist B!!!!! Everyone needs to know who this B is!!!!! She needs to get swift kick in the A@# of reality!!!!! If she is rich enough to be in 1st Class we need to hit her where it hurts the most HER WALLET!!! PLEASE tell us who this LOW CLASS B is!!!!!

  • MJenae Fortson
    MJenae Fortson

    There will always be hateful individuals in this world. I just pray for them and. Keep it moving but i do agree with Khloe that lady went to far she should have been punched in the face.

  • Khawlah Al Qattan
    Khawlah Al Qattan

    So sad. I can't believe in this day and age that this type of behavior is tolerated by airlines. This is aggressive harassing behavior. If Kim had said or did anything, she would have been criticized. To sad, little North is a gem. I don't understand how someone could be hateful towards a baby.

  • Rachael Muronda
    Rachael Muronda

    Don't go shouting at a baby u will make it cry harder as u are upsetting it. Don't be so judgemental against other people and their business, it's their business not yours so keep ur nose out. There are a lot of mixed raced married couples out there, I'm in one of them, stop being racist and help make the world a better place!

  • Rachael Muronda
    Rachael Muronda

    1. Don't be yelling at a baby you will make it cry more

  • Kendena Lightbourn
    Kendena Lightbourn

    wow how harsh i would have beat her dead bad kim need to hire me for baby north nanny and protector

  • forright

    The lady's out break was not becuse kim is with a man of color but because she wants to be with one and don't have the GUTS to do it. Rage is how she handle her jealousy. As for as your child, you have to protect your babies. Sometime we have to take on the animal way, that is attacked. No animal will let you mess with their babie.

  • Jonathan Daniels-Moreno
    Jonathan Daniels-Moreno

    And that's why I fly private plane only!

  • Koko Smith
    Koko Smith

    There are some cruel people in the world kim kardashian- west handle it with class I don't like the fact she was yelling at north #kimkardashianwest #yourock

  • Laurie Samuel
    Laurie Samuel

    I am no fan of Kanye he is ugly and vulgar. But your baby is beautiful and she should get in trouble for verbally attacking a baby. I would punch her too. I do think Kim and khloe should raise their standards but not because of race but who they choose. French and Kanye are gross. I don't like seeing such beautiful girls with such vulgar people. I loved khloe with Lamar until I heard the details and I loved Kim with Reggie and even Chris hump until I saw what a jerk he was.

  • Samantha Rodriguez
    Samantha Rodriguez

    Your baby is to cute for one. What people say shouldn't matter. I get resist comments all the timecause I'm mixed with White and Spanish but all I say is that what make me and my family special that what you need to remeber

  • Daron Walter
    Daron Walter

    i would told bytch you mad cause you cant get black man,,,tramp,,lol

  • Barry Sheppard
    Barry Sheppard

    Welcome to our world Kim."Black is still beautiful and always will be.Just like you and your family.

  • Candy Rose
    Candy Rose

    I'm with khloe!!!

  • Audrey Ojeda
    Audrey Ojeda

    How sad & disgusting for Kim & North West. I dont believe sometimes how some people are so cruel. God loves us all no matter what color or orgin we are. #No judgement here..

  • Lorena Acevedo Ortiz
    Lorena Acevedo Ortiz


  • Barbara A Baker
    Barbara A Baker

    Who you love is what's important,not the color of anyone's skin.Ive watched the Kardashians since they started their show.I agree with Khloe the bitch would have gotten know the fuck out.

  • Virginia Lee Hibbard
    Virginia Lee Hibbard

    That was so uncalled for her to do ghat and say stuff. mean to me that baby is gouregous #BABY NORTH WEST IA SUCH A CUTIE PIE JUST SO CUTE AS A BONDLE OF JOY

  • Brina Narcisse
    Brina Narcisse

    That was totally wrong and the staff on the plane should have stop it... being racist is so mean. ..... but God let God take care of them. ...

  • Isobelle Paniora
    Isobelle Paniora

    I would have done the same as Khloe...punched the womens face. How can she do that to a baby who is innocent and a mother who loves her child dearly. The problem lies with the woman who verberally attacked them and yet has made herself look stupid to the world. I wish this racism would stop, if you look around the world...a lot of the children are mixed blood? go figure!!! To Kanye n Kim, your daughter is beautiful and precious...just enjoy the time with her and love her to bits..God bless your family

  • Diana-Paul Anthony
    Diana-Paul Anthony

    I think that kim and North West and kris should have never had to be treated in such a manner . The women was clearly insane and should have been restrained until time to land . I think North West is a very beautiful Little girl who dose not need people hurting her very innocent and special little girls heart . I am sorry for what they all had to listen to and very sorry that there are still people with this very ignorant attitude towards other people different from their selves . One has to wonder if they got left behind in a time warp ,

  • philosophairy

    genetics, along with many other factors, dictate your physical structure. Saying that she dates a certain race because they "give her more emotionally & physically" than people of other "skin tones" is just ridiculous. My son is biracial. But to say "mixed babies are the most beautiful babies in the world" is really a problem & people need to stop w/ that mess! It implies that black children are more attractive when they're a bit less black. In my personal opinion (as that's all this point is), I think people should have babies with whomever they want! And they can ALL be beautiful (not that all babies are cute). What Kim experienced overseas was incredibly unfortunate; she had every right to feel hurt. Much of it, however, was culturally relative ignorance.

  • philosophairy

    The color of your OWN skin doesn't dictate the way in which you treat others nor are there specific physical atributes that all people of a given "skin tone" do/don't have. Character dictates the way in which you treat others

  • Holly Salay Hollingsworth
    Holly Salay Hollingsworth

    OMG this is horrid. People are people no matter age, race, gender, etc. We are all the same and all babies are beautiful and gifts from God. If anyone disagrees with this they are simply uneducated and ignorant. Kim I am sorry you experienced this but glad you used the experience to blog and teach others about the dangers of hate and racism.

  • sassyshears

    I once was told "thank you for taking care of the help," while sitting in the sauna at the y (supposedly a faith-based gym), while watching my ex play with his niece in the pool through the window. I just smiled and said "You're welcome!" Kill them with kindness. It is clear where you stand if that is who you choose to be with! Kudos to Kim for keeping it classy!

  • Anna Soull
    Anna Soull

    This has been my existence since birth , Kim is new .. she aint even seen the worst yet. Wait til the other side gets at her too .... no room in society for mixed babies and people ... or so some people like to make it seem. I dont really care at this point, and if I had Kim K's money, I lkely would have NEVER cared because I couldnt be refused anything (Like apartments, jobs, etc etc)

  • Adriana Defrance Benting
    Adriana Defrance Benting

    Kim I am so sorry that you and your beautiful daughter had to endure such pure hatred. This woman was wrong in what she said. My heart is broken to know that there are people on our planet still that have this mind set. God Bless You and your baby!

  • Annie Campbell
    Annie Campbell

    That bitch ass woman would hv swallowed that fxxxing tongue she would never speak again stupid pig kmt go baby north my family loves you and mom and dad that woman is lucky it was your mom you were travelling with and not Kanye else watch how she would learned how to fly without wings

  • Lori Hickey
    Lori Hickey

    The stewards on that flight should have removed the woman from the 1st class cabin and put her back in coach, and given the seat to a black person.

  • Lori Hickey
    Lori Hickey

    Remember: we are all created equal! If you cut any of us, we should bleed red blood, unless of course we are aliens, then I would imagine we would bleed a different color altogether then. Racism SUCKS!

  • Franchel Marie Delgado Velez
    Franchel Marie Delgado Velez

    Kim should had press charges on her I don't understand y she didn't that was stupid on her part

  • LuzChelito SilvAlayo
    LuzChelito SilvAlayo

    K&K have a gorgeous baby doll!!!! & if Kim made a mistake by trusting her ex bf Ray j w making a sex tape, she is just showing human she is celeb or not!!! & so What! If she dates only black guys?! They may have give her an extra something emotionally n physically tht dudes w other skin tones ddnt show!! She is now happily married keeping classy lifestyle their way! God bless them!!

  • Allison Mae Gonzales
    Allison Mae Gonzales

    People need to either like Kim and the family or not if not then don't talk or like them get over it. They r all human beings.

  • Candy Marcella A Medina
    Candy Marcella A Medina

    People like that lady need to get their ass kicked first off mixed babies are the most gorgeous thing god has put on this earth I swear it's people like that bimbo that make it hard for this world to be lived in. Kim enjoy your baby she will meet judgment time one day and will have to answer as to why she was so damn arrogant. ....Good luck to baby North West she is amazingly gorgeous. .

  • itsirking75

    That poor kid looks petrified! I guess I would be too if I had those two clowns for parents. 'God didn't warn me about my so called 'parents' -North West

  • Jannine Almquist-Preservati
    Jannine Almquist-Preservati

    racism is everywhere it is disgusting people who think they're better than someone else based on a race should be shot

  • Kate Perry
  • cassac103

    it's bullshit, just like the rest of that family and their show. how come no one else brought this up? I am sure someone on the plane would have videod this happening. Were Kim, North and this woman the only ones on the plane?