Celebrate Canada Day with 28 Celebrities Wearing the Canadian Tuxedo

Happy Canada Day!

The great country north of the border turns 147 years young today. In honor of this fine day, and all things Canadian (such as Ryan Gosling and poutine), Celebuzz is taking a look at the wonder that is the Canadian Tuxedo.

You know, the look that involves wearing denim-on-denim. Specifically, a jean jacket over jeans.

In recent years, fashion designers and celebrities have embraced nearly every shade of denim blue and updated the trend in romper, dress and vest forms.

Some have even taken it to the next level (ahem, John Mayer) in layering with denim, because one jean shirt is never enough.

Without further adieu, please launch the gallery, above, to see 28 stars looking fabulous in the Canadian Tuxedo.

Note: for maximum enjoyment, this gallery may be paired with a cold glass of Alexander Keith’s IPA and/or your favorite Bryan Adams track (try this one).