Lindsay Lohan is Making a Comeback on Netflix

While Lindsay Lohan’s career may be dwindling (or may have already dwindled completely…), Netflix is helping remind us that she was once one of our favorite young actresses.

The online streaming service added 40 new films to it’s lineup starting today, two of which star LiLo at her very best.

That’s right… Mean Girls and The Parent Trap are coming to a computer near you, and you know you’re totally stoked on it.  (I mean, those are definitely on my list of Top 10 Flicks).

Also noteworthy: Bad Santa, Boyz in the Hood, My Girl and My Girl 2, Fever Pitch, and The Karate Kid I & II.

However, with the 40 new movies, Netflix has also gotten rid of 80.  You can see the full list of those coming and going here.