Watch: James Franco’s Twisted ‘Child of God’ Trailer

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Ahhh the joys of following James Franco on Instagram...
James Franco’s latest directorial effort Child of God, an adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel, takes us into the depraved world of Lester Ballard (Scott Haze). Ballard has mostly existed in his own world, free of parental guidance, a roof over his head and, until now, consequences.

The film, a gritty Coen-esque follows Ballard’s descent into murder, mayhem and necrophilia. Light material, James! The movie stars newcomer Haze, who attended acting school at Playhouse West in Los Angeles with Franco, as the protagonist, “a dispossessed, violent man” who crosses paths with the local Tennessee law enforcement when it’s revealed he is responsible for the deaths of a few residents.

O, Brother Where Art Thou? star Tim Blake Nelson plays the local deputy, and Franco co-stars as well. Child of God hits theaters August 1st. Check out the trailer above.