Bill Murray is an Unorthodox Babysitter in ‘St. Vincent’ Trailer

Oh, Hey Bill
Bill Murray crashes a bachelor party and gives an epic speech.
Would you let actor Bill Murray watch your kids?

He is pretty cool, what with the crashing of a bachelor party and the posing with a couple during their engagement photo shoot. Maybe not, but it would certainly be fun to have him show up at your family BBQ, right? But I digress. The 63-year-old Moonrise Kingdom actor plays a very unlikely babysitter in his latest film, St. Vincent.

Murray is St. Vincent de Van Nuys, a crass, war veteran neighbor to a young boy whose parents have recently gotten divorced. The boy’s now-single and working mom, Tammy star Melissa McCarthy, agrees to let “Vin” watch her son Oliver, played by newcomer Jaeden Lieberher.

Fast forward to Vin and 12-year-old Oliver hitting the race track, going to bars and generally learning about life from each other. Murray tends to shine in unlikely friendship scenarios (Rushmore), so even though the film could end up being sappy and predictable, we will be checking it out.

Naomi Watts and Chris O’Dowd co-star as a stripper and priest, respectively, in St. Vincent, which hits theaters in October. Watch the trailer above.