Katy Perry Being Sued By Rapper for Turning His Christian Song Into ‘Witchcraft’

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Ironic: One time Gospel singer Katy Perry is being sued by a Christian rapper.

Hip-hop artist Flame is alleging that Katy stole is 2008 rap/gospel song “Joyful Noise” to create “Dark Horse.”

The rapper and his producers are seeking damages for Perry’s alleged use of their Grammy-nominated track for her first single released from Prism, filing the suit in Michigan federal court this week.

The lawsuit states, “By any measure, the devoutly religious message of ‘Joyful Noise’ has been irreparably tarnished by its association with the witchcraft, paganism, black magic and Illuminati imagery evoked by the same music in ‘Dark Horse.'”

As you may recall, Katy’s controversial music video for the song lead to a petition,  signed by more than 60,000 people, asking for the alleged use ot offensive religious imagery to be removed.

You can watch the two videos below and decide for yourself: