This Is Your Summer Vacation: Zac Efron Turns Down for What

Before he Turned Down for What, he Wiggled.
Finally. It’s summer. You’ve waited through fall, spring, and summer for this. And now it’s here. Summer is your favorite season because it’s the best season for shirtless skateboard-making. And even though you’re a famous movie star, this year you plan to celebrate summer like anyone else: by vacationing in Italy with Michelle Rodriguez, some dancer, and an Italian “entrepreneur.”

You’ll spend your time on yachts and taking in the local sights, sampling antipasti in local cafes and wandering l’strada of some villaggio on your rented Vespa. Just like real Italians do, you’ll think. And at night, you’ll spend hours filming choreographed dance numbers on your friends’ iPhones, carefully studying each take for the perfect one to post to Instagram. It was only 10:00 when you started but now the sole is streaking red in the morning sky, how did you spend all night doing this? Was it worth it? Who can ever really know. At least it’s gonna get like a thousand likes, you say.

Why yes, this is an Instagram video of Zac Efron (you) dancing to “Turn Down for What” while on vacation with Michelle Rodriguez, some dancer, and an Italian “entrepreneur.”

And here’s a video of Zac (you) and his (your) friends hanging out on a dock.

What a wild vacation you’re having!