Ariana Grande ‘Likes Bad B*tches’ And That’s Really Her ‘F*ckin Problem’

Ariana Grande Is No. 1
Singer Ariana Grande tops the charts!
As if you haven’t already learned from that song that keeps resounding in your head thanks to how much it’s overplayed on the radio, Ariana Grande really has a “Problem.”

But last night it became more than just a problem… It became a “f*cking problem,” and she wasn’t afraid to freely drop the F-bomb (about five times) to prove it.

While making an appearance on MTV’s “Total Ariana Live,” the 21-year-old played a game of “Hip-Hop Mix-Up” in which she had to choose a song and genre to sing for the crowd.  She ended up with A$AP Rocky’s “F*ckin’ Problems” that she had to sing in a Broadway style.

Of course, Ariana is known for her good-girl reputation (I mean, she celebrated her 21st Birthday at Disney World), so when she began singing the profanity-laced song, it was unlike anything we’ve ever seen out of her before.

She even asked if someone could bleep her out, but it seems the censors couldn’t keep up with all the f-bombs, resulting in some pretty dirty Live TV.

Check out the video above to see for yourself!