Kate Middleton and Prince William Really Seem to Be Enjoying Wimbledon!

Matt Russoniello | July 3, 2014 - 11:00 am

Just kidding! Kate Middleton and Prince William don’t seem all that thrilled that Andy Murry lost! They will probably be thrilled with today’s winning captions, though!

“Oh sh*t…..i think I left the hair straighteners on again! !” – Rebecca

“Kate: omg i thought it was gonna be a quiet fart..

William: wooow kate

Guy behind kate: WELL lord hail the queen she done a ripper!” – Jodil

“Kate: “that’s the last time you eat something past it’s expiration date”

William: “I believe that I should have let the butler have that last cookie.”

Butler: “payback is a toot” – Madelyne

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