Justin Bieber Needs New Friends, His Buddy Khalil Threatened to Shoot People

Justin's Saggy Pants
Justin Bieber needs a belt -- badly!
Justin Bieber and his buddy Khalil returned to the scene of their earlier crime in Miami (the site of their DUI arrests) to do some partying.

The pair are seen here earlier in the day hanging out in Miami.

Bieber posted the above photo to Instagram with the caption, “Told you I got you guys ;) night.”

The BFF’s left the club Dream at 4 a.m. this morning and were headed back to Bieber’s SUV. Justin was being gracious and posing for pics with fans. Khalil…not so much.

Khalil is apparently not a fan of crowds (he might want to consider not partying with Justin then), because he mimicked shooting a gun and screamed, “That’s how a nigga gets shot!”

Classy. Check out the video on TMZ.