The Top Ten Best Tom Cruise Twitter Pictures

The 'Rock of Ages' star sings 'Blue Suede Shoes.'
Happy Birthday, Tom Cruise! The actor turns 52 today!

It’s been a busy year for Tom. When he wasn’t filming, he was out promoting his movies, flying all around around the world to each red carpet premiere. Tom even documented his latest promotional trail for Edge of Tomorrow on Twitter so fans could follow along! From behind-the-scenes photos to action shots, we’ve loved all of Tom’s recent uploads. To honor his social media activity and to celebrate his birthday, we decided to collect Tom’s 10 best Twitter pictures. Click on our gallery to see all of the photos we picked!

Are you following Tom on Twitter? If not, you should be! He’s been uploading amazing pictures in recent months, even posting the occasional Throwback Thursday photo! If you’ve missed out on Tom’s latest pictures, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We’ve collected the 10 most important pics for you to see.

While out promoting Edge of Tomorrow, Tom got really active on social media. So, what better way to send him some birthday love than by showing off his best Twitter pics? Hopefully, it will encourage him to keep posting!

If you’re ready to check out these photos, click on our gallery! After you scroll through all of the pics, let us know your thoughts! Which picture is your favorite?

Plus, don’t forget to give Tom a birthday shout-out in the comments below!