From High-End to Low-End: Get Miley Cyrus’ 90s Look for Less

The 90s have made a mega comeback in the fashion world… I mean, did we ever really think overalls would be a thing again?

Well, they are.  And Miley Cyrus proves, not only are they back… They’re in full force as a major fashion statement.

I’m actually kind of stoked on it, too.  Overalls are my second favorite piece of clothing (next to jumpsuits) because they’re one of those things you can just throw on over a t-shirt and say “Bye Felicia.”

The only negative? As my co-worker Gabi told me: When ya gotta pee…You find yourself naked in your office bathroom stall wondering if someone somewhere is watching you through a hidden camera

Anyway, Miley’s style is a straight steal from ’95–Nike sneaks, snap-backs and crop tops, OH MY!  But don’t be fooled by the casual look… The vintage outfit didn’t come for cheap.  She spent well over a grand on the overalls alone, not to mention that Chanel clutch and those old-school shoes.

However, if you’re diggin’ her steeze, you can get a super similar look for much, much less.  Check it out:

Miley’s Look

Look for Less

What do you think?  Would you rock this 90s style?  Comment below!