Zac Efron Spotted Working on His Fitness in Italy

Watch Zac Efron do 'the wiggle' on a table in Italy.
In between winning us all over with his amazing dance moves, Zac Efron is doing that other thing he seems to be really good at…working out.

Spotted with his businessman pal Gianluca Vacchi, Zac can be seen in the gallery above going on a run while carrying some weights in his hands and around his ankles. There are also a lot of push-ups happening, which make sense considering how ridiculous Zac’s body is.

This is the latest of what seems like an endless stream of photos and videos out of Italy showcasing what appears to be a much needed vacation for the Neighbors star.

Just today, the pair was doing synchronized backflips off of a boat as if their never ending vacation wasn’t enough fun already.

And just in case you missed any of the other videos, here you go:

You’re welcome.

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