Gavin Rossdale Spotted Rescuing His Family’s Dog from the Malibu Surf

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Gavin Rossdale totally had a Baywatch moment over the weekend and we’re here to inform you that it was 100% more adorable than any of the times David Hasselhoff ran at us in slow motion.

The Bush frontman’s water rescue thankfully didn’t involve any of his children, but the family Pomeranian instead.

Apparently little Chewy was swept away in that pesky surf and Gavin scooped him up before he got too far away from the shore. As scary as we’re sure this was for the kids, you’ve got to admit that the photos are pretty damn adorable.

Gavin, along with wife Gwen Stefani and their three kids, spent Saturday soaking up the sun at Rachel Zoe‘s beach house in Malibu. Rachel, her husband Rodger and their little boy Skyler were also playing on the beach, but it seems that Rachel and Gwen stayed in the shade as their hubby’s enjoyed the water with the kids.

And in the vein of being honest, this whole post was an excuse to enjoy the ageless beauty (and arms) of Mr. Rossdale.

Hope you enjoyed as much as we did!