Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham and Emma Stone Share Their ‘Family Portrait’

Ed Sheeran thinks Taylor Swift is totally a cat lady.
Taylor Swift has a knack for collecting celebrity friends, but it’s unreal how many she’s able to get together all in one place at one time.

And after the photo she shared on Instagram, it proves that you most definitely will never get an invite to a beach party at the Swift house.

From Lena Dunham and Emma Stone to Jaime King and Jessica Szohr, they’re all in attendance and accounted for in Taylor’s “family portrait” just shared on Sunday following her 4th of July festivities.

You’ve got to laugh at Lena’s one-finger salute, which speaks to the hilarity of the situation.

Let’s just hope that she can somehow convince Emma or Taylor to pop up on GIRLS next year. It’s about time Marnie met her match in the form of a sassy socialite with blonde or red hair.