Miley Cyrus’ NBC Concert Special Totally Bombed

Lily Allen will join Miley on her Bangerz Tour.
Looks like most Americans stayed away from Miley Cyrus’ concert special on Fourth of July weekend.

NBC’s Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour spectacle raked in around 2 million viewers with a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 category, according to Entertainment Weekly. This number isn’t a kind one when it comes to ratings, since most programs on Sunday night were repeats. Reruns of Family Guy, American Dad received around 2.5 million viewers each, while new episodes of Big Brother and Rising Star walked away with 6 million and 4 million viewers, respectively.

That’s too bad for dear Miley because our girl got really candid on and off stage. At one point, the “We Can’t Stop” singer delivered a confessional from the comfort of her bed, clad in a black tank of some sort.

“It’s hard being me, but it’s hard being them too. It’s hard being a normal person and different,” she said, referring to her fans and the kiss cam part of her concert.

There’s more: “The universe gives this responsibility to people who can handle it and I believe I can handle it.”

The Bangerz Tour, which recently wrapped its European leg in Amsterdam, returns stateside on Aug. 1 with a show on Long Island.