Ashton Kutcher Watching Brazil Lose in the World Cup Semi-Finals Leads Today’s Star Sightings

Best World Cup Memes
USA may have lost the game, but these World Cup memes are a win.
Ashton Kutcher sure has some balls — soccer balls, that is.

The Two and a Half Men actor risked the chance of being involved in a World Cup riot — or drowning in a sea of tears — Tuesday afternoon when he decided to brave the crowds and watch the Brazil vs. Germany game from inside the stadium. (As you’ve probably heard by now, the former, who’s also hosting the FIFA event, brutally lost to the visiting team with a score of 1-7.)

Despite the upsetting turn of events, Kutcher remained cheery as he signed autographs and snapped a few selfies. Well, at least someone left smiling, right?

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