‘Fancy’ Gets the Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young Treatment, with Crosby, Stills and Nash

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It's Jimmy Fallon vs. Pitbull in Duff Beer Pong.
Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to pull off the weirdest cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” to date.

Why is it weird you ask? For starters, there’s an acoustic guitar involved. Oh and Fallon as Canadian rocker Neil Young, complete with a harmonica.

For the cover, Fallon, who has donned the Neil Young hat before, invited David Crosby, Graham Nash and Stephen Stills. There was harmonizing, a harmonica solo and of course, a cute little CSNY chant.

Earlier this week, “Fancy” officially made history on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by becoming the longest-leading number one hit by a female rapper. The previous record holder was Lil’ Kim’s “Lady Marmalade,” which spent five weeks on top in 2001.

Watch Jimmy Fallon and company sing “Fancy,” above.