Lady Gaga Went Shopping For Wedding Dresses

Things might be getting pretty serious between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney… Like marriage-serious.

Just a few months ago Kinney was reportedly looking into engagement rings, and just this past weekend, the Mother Monster was spotted shopping for wedding dresses!

But could it be? Are wedding bells ringing in Gaga’s near future?

Not exactly…

While the pop star did indeed bring her mother and new puppy Asia to a Toronto couture wedding store on Sunday to shop for some gowns, they weren’t for walking down the aisle… Or at least she didn’t say they were.

Rather, it appears the “Born This Way” crooner was shopping for her collection of vintage clothing and accessories.

“Lady Gaga came into our store…A friend recommended her to come in. She was with her mum, two assistants and two bodyguards,” a rep for the store told E! News. “She bought two rolling racks full of vintage clothes and accessories. She bought robes, gowns, hats, jewelry. Some of the designer brands she bought were Dior and Balenciaga. She also bought 1920s and 1930s vintage.”

The owner of the store added, “Lady Gaga is very artistic and yes she bought some white dresses in the bridal section.  However, she never mentioned it was for a wedding or anything.”

Not to mention, Gaga wasn’t sporting a rock on that finger either.

Looks like we’ll all just have to wait a little longer (But Taylor, can you HURRY UP already?!).