Why the Hulu Parody “The Hotwives Of Orlando” Is One of the Greatest Things to Happen to the Internet

Shoes. Plastic surgery. Spending other people’s money. Just call these topics trivial conversation points for the typical ‘Hotwife’ (or, rather, ‘weave-pulling, b•itch-slappin’, ‘I-THOUGHT-YOU-WERE-MY-FRIEND?!?!’ argument points)…

We’re unabashedly GEEKED for Hulu’s original parody series, “The Hotwives of Orlando,” to fill our queue, quite simply because we feel (nay, we know) it’s one of the GREATEST things to happen to the Internet (and us) in a good long while.

“Why?” you ask? Well, if the previous statement doesn’t hit our claim home enough for you, we urge you to flip through the gallery of character bios. Yes – we feel that the show’s genius is 100% owed to the strongly developed characters, that, in their absurd sincerity, make us feel things that the Internet hasn’t made us feel in a long time….

Watch all episodes of “The Hotwives of Orlando” on Hulu July 15! Check out the trailer below: