The Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 (So Far) Include Katniss and Khaleesi

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If your name is Imogen or Asher, you are in very good company.

According to baby names database Nameberry, the two top respective lists for the 100 most baby girl and boy names in 2014 so far.

Also making the cut: a few heroines you might be familiar with.

That’s right, a lot of folks turned to their favorite movies and books when it came to naming their newborn girls.


Khaleesi (Game of Thrones) and Elsa (Frozen) were new entries to the list, while Katniss (The Hunger Games) held strong at number 14.

In the boys club, newcomers Harper and Rowan cracked the top 20 while Knox, Bodhi, Soren and Wyatt were considered “fast-rising” names in the first half of the year.

Here are the top 10. Head over to Nameberry for the complete list. To those with a due date in the second half of the year, happy baby naming!


1. Imogen

2. Charlotte

3. Isla

4. Cora

5. Penelope

6. Violet

7. Amelia

8. Eleanor

9. Harper

10. Claire



1. Asher

2. Declan

3. Atticus

4. Finn

5. Oliver

6. Henry

7. Silas

8. Jasper

9. Milo

10. Jude



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  • Erik Flaat
    Erik Flaat

    Least popular name: Joffrey.

  • Roman Archer
    Roman Archer

    Anyone who names their daughter Khaleesi need some sense smacked into them.

  • graciesgoldstar

    it's a surprise to see some of those names being so popular as they haven't been in 40 or 50 years. the last time major Hollywood stars named one of their daughters Eleanor was 1959 it was Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward her middle name is Theresa those names were chosen to honor her maternal and paternal grandmothers


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