We Bet You Didn’t Know This About Miley Cyrus

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Meet Miley's Puppy
The singer just adopted Emu and shared a bunch of pics of the lil' cutie.
Within the last year, Miley Cyrus has sky-rocketed to the top of the fame charts–much do to her drastic transformation, her wild twerking ways and her openly sexual persona, crossing lines and going beyond “accepted” social standards.

Not to mention, the 21-year-old has practically grown up in the spotlight with Billy Ray Cyrus as her father and taking on the role of Hannah Montana at just 13 years old.

So while it may feel like we know all there is to know about the “We Can’t Stop” singer (I mean, we’ve seen her naked how many times??) there are a few little-known facts about her you actually might not know.

Test your knowledge by launching the video above!