Here’s an Old Video of a Late 1990s Angelina Jolie Talking on a Drug Dealer’s Phone for 17 Minutes

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The Angelina Jolie that we know today is not the Angelina Jolie that once was. That is clear. This Goodwill Ambassadoring, world traveling mother of six is not the wild child who won an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted 14 years ago. Which brings us here. National Enquirer has purchased an old video of Jolie, allegedly filmed by her then-drug dealer Franklin Meyer.

Based on the blonde hair and other ’90s relics in the room, we can assume this video was taken sometime in early 1999, just after Jolie had won a Golden Globe for her role in Gia, and just before Girl, Interrupted, for which she would eventually win an Oscar, was released. The person on the other end of the 17-minute phone call is perhaps her father Jon Voight.

The National Enquirer‘s piece on the video is alarmingly called “Angelina Exposed! Jolie Caught On Tape In Sleazy Drug Den” and the Enquirer, as well as several other outlets, allege that Jolie is high on drugs in the video. But there’s nothing particularly sleazy about this so-called drug den, in fact it looks pretty nice. And while the man taking the video is clearly on something—only a high person could be so endlessly entertained by the infinity mirror effect the camera makes in the monitor—Jolie mostly just seems stressed out.

Anyway, “sleazy” or not, the video is interesting for other reasons. For instance, is the “Gillian” she repeatedly refers to Gillian Anderson, with whom she co-starred in Playing By Heart? And is the “Jenny” mentioned Jenny Shimizu, Jolie’s lover at the time? And what is that movie playing on TNT in the background? You can answer these questions and more in the comments!