I Hope Ryan Gosling Sees This Cover of Rachel McAdams And Realizes What He’s Missing

Rachel McAdams' Best Looks
A look at 'The Notebook' star's most stylish ensembles over the years.
Eva Mendes might be pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s child… But that doesn’t mean we can’t all continue to dream the he’ll one day make his way back to the only other flawless human specimen on this planet: Rachel McAdams.

Her utter perfection is proven in her latest magazine over (her first in over 2 years) for the August issue of Allure on which she looks absolutely stunning in practically no makeup.

The A Most Wanted Man actress rocks her strawberry blonde hair that shows off her gorgeous blue eyes as she flaunts her easy-going yet stunning smile.

McAdams has been keeping it pretty low-key over the last couple years, but currently has several projects in the works, including an untitled film with Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone (um, can you EVEN?!).  She is also rumored to be returning to the Sherlock Holmes franchise with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

However, her movies from a decade ago have been keeping her in the headlines as of late.  Both Mean Girls and The Notebook just hit their 10-year-anniversaries this year, causing many GIF-filled blog posts and resurfacing Rachel’s tear-worthy audition tape.

Not to mention, we found out the shocking truth that Gosling tried to have her fired from playing Allie Hamilton while filming our favorite love story… Until, ya know, he realized he was actually in love with her.

Guess you could call it love at first fight?  Whatever, they’re mean to be.