Princess Prison Looks Neat: Your Latest Mashup

Here’s what happens when ‘Frozen’ meets ‘Orange is the New Black.’

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Orange Is the New Black has perhaps been picked up for a third season, according to a Twitter account belonging to the show's writers.
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Yep, that’s supposed to be Elsa and Mulan chatting it up in the showers with other princesses in a brand new mashup, courtesy of YouTube extraordinaire Only Leigh.

The Frozen and Orange is the New Black baby, otherwise known as Frozen is the New Black, finds dear Elsa far from Arendelle.

She’s in orange, of course. Gaston steps in for the role of Pornstache (Pablo Schreiber) while Red appears in the form of Merida from Brave.


Ariel, Cruella de Vil, Snow White and other Disney faces make cameos. There’s a brilliant reference to building a snowman. And Gaston stops Elsa before “Let It Go” starts up to ruin everything.

Watch the cute video, above. Some language may be NSFW.



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