A Look Back at Zac Efron’s Past Romances

Zac Caught Kissing
Zac Efron packs PDA with Michelle Rodriguez!
The days of Zac Efron’s golden relationship with Vanessa Hudgens is now a distant, nostalgic memory.

Since parting ways with his High School Musical co-star after four years of dating, Efron has found himself in and around the dating scene. From co-star Halston Sage to Hollywood royalty Lily Collins, the actor has been linked to many, many of the film industry’s hottest leading ladies — much to the dismay of “Zanessa” diehards out there.

Well, as those fans weep while Efron gets cozy with yet another actress that isn’t Hudgens, we’re taking a look back through all his dating ventures. Click through the gallery above to see his dating history!