Jessica Simpson’s 15 Most Adorable Instagram Photos

Happy Birthday, Jessica Simpson! This talented lady turns 34 today!

It’s been a great year for Jessica! She’s been planning her wedding, enjoying motherhood, and showing off her incredible post-baby body. Seriously, she looks amazing! Jessica has a lot to celebrate this year, and we hope she has a wonderful birthday. To celebrate her big day, we decided to dedicate a gallery to Jessica! We collected 15 of her most adorable Instagram photos that you need to see! These photos are too cute for words! Click on the gallery to see all of the photos!

Jessica is one of our favorite people to follow on Instagram. She’s always sharing the sweetest photos of her friends and family! Her children, Maxwell and Ace, are gorgeous and Jessica loves posting pictures of them together!

We absolutely need Jessica to continue posting pictures of her family on social media, because they’re just so cute! If you’re not following Jessica on Instagram, we’re going to show you what you’ve been missing! Click on our gallery to see 15 of Jessica’s most adorable Instagram pics!

After you scroll through the gallery, let us know your thoughts! Which photo is the cutest of them all?

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