That Time Jason Momoa Told ‘Game of Thrones’ Author George Martin to ‘Go F**k Yourself’

Who is Jason Momoa?
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Actor Jason Momoa was killed off the very first season of Game of Thrones.

The 34-year-old actor, who is rumored to be next taking on the role of Aquaman in the Batman v Superman movie, spoke to HuffPost Live about how disappointing it was to have his character Khal Drogo killed off so soon in the series.

Although, he did admit that he had read the books prior to filming so he knew what was coming.

“After George Martin killed me, I was like ‘go fuck yourself,'” Momoa said with a smile. “I’m joking. But after George killed me, I was really upset. I went to go get the book at Barnes and Noble and I was bummed that I was dead. But it’s brilliant writing.”

Momoa then asked the camera and Martin if he was watching, “I’m around in case you need me,” to come back.

You can check out Jason’s directorial debut, Road to Paloma, which gets a limited theatrical run on July 11 and hits Blu-Ray, DVD and On Demand on July 15.

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