Turns Out, No One Wants To Listen To Robin Thicke’s New Album

After subjecting the world to “Blurred Lines” last summer, with it’s inescapable rapey lyrics and that retro beat guaranteed to make all the ladies sipping white wine shake their hips, Robin Thicke isn’t finding such success this time. His new album, Paula, isn’t doing too hot.

All week, worldwide sales figures have been rolling in and things don’t look too hot. According to figures released Thursday by Billboard, Thicke’s Paula enters the Billboard 200 at #9 with just 24,000 copies sold in its first week. For some perspective, Blurred Lines sold 177,000 last year in its first week, taking it to #1. Over in the U.K., things are even worse. In one week, just 530 copies of Paula were sold throughout the whole country. In Australia, only 54 people went out to buy Paula in its first week in stores. Fifty-four. That is not a typo. But, hey, the Thicke family is essentially Canadian royalty! Things have got to be better north of the border, right? Wrong. Paula sold 550 copies in Canada, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

If Thicke wanted to apologize to Paula Patton, it probably would have been easier to just upload a couple songs to her Dropbox. Save yourself the humiliation.