Lady Gaga and Asia the French Bulldog to Star in ‘Road Trip 2’

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Lady Gaga, known for her strange fashion, big hits, and shading Katy Perry, is looking to expand her “personal brand.”  So what should she do? She should star in a road trip movie with her dog, Asia (and her bodyguard). People would pay to see that, right? In the penultimate scene, of course, Gaga would realize that there is, in fact, no place like the open road to “find yourself” while the chorus to “Gypsy” builds in the background. “A+,” every film critic ever will say! And an A+ for these winning captions too.

“I love the wind in my face. I see why dogs like this” – Nathan

“Look Asia,i think i’ve found another crazy outfit for my next video” – Val

“Hmmm, the dog gets the front seat & I’m stuck in the back.” – Carol


Gaga: WHERE???” – Heath

“Gaga: oh, I can see my Taylor approaching us from behind through the mirror, hey baby I’m here!

Asia: you can’t ride with us.” – Mohammed

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