Kim Kardashian’s iPhone Game Is on Track to Make $200 Million By the End of the Year

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24 hours inside Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
Kim Kardashian’s excellent, wildly addictive iPhone game is also wildly successful. According to industry analysis, the game—which is free to download—is on track to make $200 million through in-app purchases by the end of the year.

These purchases come in the forms of K stars, which you need to buy the really good outfits or to purchase a little extra energy to finish that 10-hour photo shoot before bed, not that I’m speaking from experience here. I’m just saying, that’s how a person could find themselves $50 in the hole all because of a game about seeking digital fame.

Anyway, if anyone’s looking for an update on my progress within the game, I’m going through a goth phase right now: