This Video of Justin Bieber Singing to a Little Girl Might Make You Forget He’s a Douche For a Couple Minutes

Biebs' Shirtless Moments
Justin Bieber loves ditching his shirt.
Alright, alright… I get it.  Justin Bieber is a little shithead and everyone hates him.  But I have to admit… Sometimes (just sometimes) he has the ability to win me over. And this time is one of them.

The 21-year-old singer was headed for his limo when a four-year-old girl clad in all pink caught his attention.  He swooped her up in his arms and adorably commented, “It’s past your bedtime, little one!”

She had been waiting five hours just to see the Biebs. So he made sure the wait was worth it, planting a couple kisses on her cheek and serenading her with her favorite song, “Baby.”

So maybe he’s the most controversial person in the music industry right now, but his law-breaking ways don’t overshadow his soft spot for kids.

Watch the adorable moment play out in the video above.