26 Pictures That Prove Colton Haynes is Flawless

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Colton Haynes Spoofs
Colton poked fun at Jennifer Lawrence's Globes dress.
Happy Birthday, Colton Haynes! This gorgeous guy turns 26 today!

We all know Colton is a talented actor, but did you know he used to be a model? So that’s why he has amazing Instagram pictures! He really knows how to work the camera. In honor of Colton’s birthday today, we wanted to do something special for him! We decided to gather up 26 of Colton’s hottest Instagram pictures to celebrate his 26th birthday! Take a look at our gallery to see the pictures that prove Colton Haynes is flawless!

Colton’s big break came in 2011 when he was cast on MTV’s Teen Wolf. After the first season, Colton became extremely popular and his career took off. He eventually left the MTV show and booked a huge part on the CW’s Arrow!

Over the past year, Colton has become huge on social media. He loves showing off his goofy side, especially on Instagram with his hilarious photos and captions. If you’re not following Colton, you should be!

To show our love for Colton on his birthday, we decided to dedicated a gallery to him! We picked 26 pictures that we think prove Colton is a flawless human. Check out the pictures in the gallery and then let us know if you agree!

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