Joel McHale Talks Emmy Nomination, ‘Community’ and Purity Vodka

Joel McHale is one busy man these days. He’s currently starring in the movie Deliver Us From Evil, his show The Soup just scored an Emmy nomination, his other TV show Community was picked up by Yahoo!, and he’s the new face and funny man of Purity Vodka.

I chatted with Joel over Purity cocktails at the event that debuted the first video in the Crafted Spirits series has been released, which you can watch below. The other two videos will be released later this year.

“For the Crafted Spirits series, I play a lightly fictionalized version of myself. For example, this ‘Joel McHale’ is slightly taller than I am, thanks to trick photography. He also has some free time on his hands which is very different from the real me. So I hit the road to discover the finer things in life, and – here’s the best part – score some free stuff,” added McHale.

Here is more from our chat…

Celebuzz: Well, Congrats on the Emmy Nomination!

Joel McHale: Okay! Oh my gosh, yes! Can you believe it?

CB: That’s amazing!

JM: For True Detective, very happy about it.

JM: Dominic DeLeo the guy who plays Mankini on The Soup wrote that, he’s been directing it and half of my office produced it and yeah…I can’t believe its all coming together. I was happy because Nick DeLeo liked it so I was very happy about that.


CB: Well that’s a good endorsement!

JM: Yeah, exactly right? But, thank you though.

CB: Yeah, and then Community lives!

JM: Community…lives. I mean it wouldn’t be a season of Community without some drama so it’s the only way it would work really.

CB: So is there going to be a movie as well?

JM: Yep, we’ve already secured 250 million dollars. It’s going to take place, so big scale! Pirates of the Caribbean sets, and yeah…it will make Avatar look like an Independent film. It’s gonna look a lot like Gravity.

JM: And you know, I know that, now being on Yahoo!, I’m sure it will also depend on how responsive I am. And that will be good; I mean hopefully it will be good. I think that now the possibilities are open to that, this type of response but we’ll see, I would love to do it. Whatever it is, it should be big and loud.

CB: Definitely! Have you got any plans for the new season…or?

JM: No, or I mean, I don’t. Well I mean, other than, now we might try to add more nudity. Way more nudity, a lot of profanity and definitely more violence! (laughs) I think it will be an unencumbered day in Harmon. There will now be no restraints on time, I mean the time restraints will just be way different. Instead of it being 21 and a half minutes now it will be a half hour like most other half hour Netflix shows. Which I think most of them are 28-29? Uninterrupted and I think um, Dan’s playground has gotten bigger and broader and I think he will do with it what he wants and I have just decided to be apart of it. He has to be in the Rick and Morty show, before we get to this one. But, I am just thrilled to be here to be on the frontier of this new Yahoo! is very exciting. You saw how the Emmy nominations went with the Netflix shows, you know, racking up the nominations. There’s just so many…

…(interrupted by some fans)…


CB: Well lets talk about projects

JM: Ah, well the Deliver Us From Evil just hit the screen and I know that we destroyed Transformers!

CB: Well, yeah. That was to be expected.

JM: Well I know that, in terms of the movie, I was very happy; I mean I was thrilled to be apart of it. Scott Derrickson’s a brilliant writer and director. And to be opposite of Mr. Bana – uh huh, not to shabby! Um, but yeah it was great so hopefully it will have some legs and do all right this weekend but we’ll see!

Purity Vodka is the most awarded Ultra-Premium Vodka in the world including being named Grand Vodka Master by The Spirits Business for an unprecedented three years in a row (2011, 2012 and 2013) and was the first vodka to ever a perfect 100-point rating. In total Purity Vodka has 69 Gold and Master Titles and over 80 awards in all.

If you’re over 21 make sure to check out Purity Vodka’s website.

Image: Purity Vodka