The Rarest of Sights: Britney Spears Exiting a Starbucks

UFOs. Manhattanhenge. A cat and an owl who are best friends. Rita Ora not jacking Rihanna’s swag. These are all rare sights. Very, very rare. But none is rarer than the sight of Britney Spears exiting a Starbucks. In fact, this might be the only photo on record of such an event occurring? You saw it here first, folks. Commemorate the occasion with today’s winning captions after the jump. [ED: Did you fact check this, like, at all? P.S. you’re fired for the Rita shade.]

“B*tch dont kill my vibe.” – Jonathan

“Im still standing…b*tchz!” – Lisa

“I swear it’s fat free” – Tammy

“Greetings people! It’s Britney the daughter of Starbucks bitch!” – Yasaman

“You better wave back bitch!” – Eve-Layla

“Aloha y’all” – Jon

“Does this look like a damn venti to you?!?!?” – Jacqueline

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