Meet Charles Levi, the Teen Who Scored a Modeling Contract After Posting Selfies on Instagram

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A star is born!

After posting stunning shots of himself on Instagram, 17-year-old Charles Levi is now a professional model. When the Australian teenager/young Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike started uploading selfies to Instagram, he caught the attention of several people in the modeling industry. Now Charles’ signed to an agency and his career is really taking off. So, chances are you’ll see him in the next Abercrombie advertisement or in next month’s Vogue.

When Charles started posting photos on social media, it first caught the attention of photographers Michelle Lobb and Richard Sawyer. Both photographers wanted to do photo shoots with Charles, which he agreed to do. After sharing the results of the shoots on Instagram, the pictures were spotted by Jaime McHugh, a model scout from Chadwick Modeling agency. Jaime posted a comment on of Charles’ pictures saying to contact him if he was interested in modeling!

After signing a contract with the agency, Charles immediately began working. He’s already done four photo shoots! In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Charles said, “I’m finding it kind of strange being in the limelight really, it’s pretty awesome and everything – it’s a great experience and great way to meet new creative people.”

Though Charles’ career is taking off, his education is still very important to him, reportedly requesting shoots to be scheduled when he’s not going to school. Plus, he’s even looking to go to college! Good for you Charles!

Check out some of Charles’ latest Instagram pictures in our gallery!