Daniel Radcliffe Goes Slytherin in the Teaser for ‘Horns’

Here is the first look at Horns, the horror film based on a book by Joe Hill. It stars Daniel Radcliffe as a man who, after being wrongly accused of murdering his girlfriend (Juno Temple), grows horns, and develops an affinity for snakes and the ability to make people confess their sins. Ig, Radcliffe’s character, then sets out on a mission to expose the true guilty parties, using his newfound power.

This teaser is actually from the U.K. where the film will be released on Halloween. Stateside it has no release date yet.

Horns had its premiere at last year’s Toronto Film Festival where it received mixed reviews. But we’re excited to see what Radcliffe does with this decidedly dark material, a new accent, and in collaboration with director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes).