Kristen Wiig Will Take it All Off for ‘Welcome to Me’

Wiig & Hader Reunite
Former 'SNL' stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader play twins in new flick.
Think you’ve seen a lot of Kristen Wiig? Think again. The Bridesmaids star is going for “the full monty” in her next film, Welcome to Me.

The 40-year-old Emmy nominated actress is Elle’s August cover girl and she opened up to the magazine about seeking out darker roles, what she was like before her SNL fame, and which hobbies she finds “meditative” and “therapeutic.”

Wiig, who is most well-known for her comedic ability, has apparently been itching to flex her dramatic chops for awhile now. She’ll do just that in a few of her upcoming films, including The Skeleton Twins and Welcome to Me, in which she stars as a woman diagnosed with borderline personality disorder who wins the lottery, ditches her meds and buys her own talk show.

She says of the film, “I’d never read a character like that. I got to a scene where it read, ‘She’s fully naked,’ and I remember thinking: If I do this movie, I have to do this scene because it’s really important to this script.”

Although no actor likes being typecast, Wiig understands why viewers tend to categorize celebs. “It’s not necessarily a bad thing,” she confesses. “You have to have some sort of context for a person to register in your brain, and I was introduced to the world as a cast member of ‘SNL.’ But I’ve always wanted to do dramatic stuff, to write and direct, do a lot of different things. Comedy is where my heart lies, but there’s also something really satisfying about being able to step away with a small crew, become a character and get to know her for a few months at a time.”

To read the full interview, in which Wiig discusses teaching herself guitar and writing songs, pick up the latest issue of Elle available on newsstands now.