When Lindsay Lohan Falls, We All Fall

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Lindsay Lohanfell right down to the ground, and because she’s famous, men with cameras made sure to take lots of photos. Yes, this is embarrassing. Yes, it’s a little bit funny. But it happens. We should all learn to laugh at ourselves a bit more. I tripped up the NYC subway stairs not once, but twice yesterday. I stand with you, Lindsay. When we’re not both tripping and falling, that is. See: we can laugh at ourselves! Just as we can laugh at today’s winning captions.

“when you get a text back from your crush” – Kate

“They said I couldn’t sit with them so I’ll just lay down here !!” – Aaron

“I swear to drunk I’m not God” – Dino

“Sombody call Oprah” – Lisa

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” – Jodi

“I’m FINE, guys. I’m juuuust going to hold on to the floor to stop the earth from spinning so fast so that I don’t fall off, ok?” – Jennifer

“Just looking for my career” – Helena

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