Courtney Stodden Wants You to Eat Up Her Lettuce Bikini

Courtney's Outrageous
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They say sex sells — so, what’s a better way to get you to go vegetarian than by getting Courtney Stodden to wear nothing but a bunch of leafy greens?

The teen bride-turned-teen divorcée arrived at Capitol Hill’s Congressional Veggie Dog Giveaway dressed to the twos — a two-piece bikini made of lettuce, that is — to serve up meat-free hot dogs to passer-bys on Wednesday.

However, this wasn’t Stodden’s first rodeo…

The 19-year-old also wore the same thing to sling veggie dogs to the public in 2013. Though Stodden’s ex, Doug Hutchison, was notably absent from this year’s festivities, the buxom blonde was nonetheless amongst friends as her mother, Krista Keller, was on hand to pimp her daughter out veg out with her baby girl.

Yep. Courtney doesn’t want your meat in or anywhere around her mouth, thank you very much.