Watch: Jason Segel Talks Burritos and Sandwiches, Cameron Diaz Kayaks Indoors

TMI Cameron Diaz!
You won't believe what Ms. Diaz discusses in her new book.
Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz did a little his and hers on the talk show circuit Tuesday night.

He went on the food beat while she showed off her athletic side.

The appearances of course are in support of their new comedy Sex Tape.

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Diaz competes in a friendly game of kayak racing. Indoors. With fake fish and fake Elton Johns (just go with it).

Segel, meanwhile, talks about food (my favorite activity) on Late Show with David Letterman. It starts off with sandwiches, then burritos (and chips) then back to sandwiches.

Watch both clips, below.

BRB going to make a sandwich and then eat it while kayaking in my apartment.

Sex Tape opens nationwide Friday.