A Fannypack Wearing, Kid ‘N Play Haircut Sporting Dwayne Johnson Posts the Ultimate Throwback Twitter Pic

The Rock's Mega-Mansions
Inside Dwayne Johnson's homes.
Getting ahead of the Throwback Thursday curve, Dwayne Johnson posted the ultimate pic to his Twitter account.

In the photo (circa 1997), we see the actor – then known as Rocky – as an up-and-coming wrestler. He’s sporting the baggy jeans and a one-size too big turtleneck; his sleeves are pulled up so we see his wristwatch and bracelet. But the best part? The fanny pack and the Kid ’n Play-inspired haircut.


In Toronto earlier this week to promote Hercules (out Friday), the Toronto Sunís Jim Slotek showed Johnson the photo and the actor – now one of the biggest movie stars on the planet – laughed.

That is right, I remember,he said. “Oh my gosh! It had to have been ’96 or ’97. The fanny bag I would like to post that picture and tell everybody, ‘Look how far I’ve come! It’s great looking back on those days.”