This is How Justin Bieber Goes Hiking

Most people take their hikes relatively seriously… Or at least they dress for the occasion and try to break somewhat of a sweat.

But not Justin Bieber!

The 20-year-old pop star was spotted hiking Hollywood’s Runyon Canyon on Thursday afternoon, sporting a pretty odd look and taking some time to film a few dance videos on the way up.

He rocked a Pharrell-esq panama hat (his new favorite accessory) with some bright yellow tennis shoes and his go-to Calvin Klein underwear.  Of course, he was also shirtless (per usual).

He captioned the dance video: “Turn up on our hike lol.  don’t take us serious were just havin fun.”

Ummm, Justin.  We stopped taking you seriously as soon as we saw that hat!

He then posted a second video from the hike shortly after with a life message for his fans: “Have fun in life and don’t take things so seriously.  Be yourself no matter what people think. @khalil today was dope!!”

Bieber does have a point!  Who says you can’t dance your way up a trail in a funky hat anyway?!

What do you think of his style?  Comment below!