Christian Siriano Talks New Collaboration and Reveals His Dream Clients

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Christian Siriano has done it all. He’s won Project Runway, created his own fashion line, and dressed some of the world’s hottest stars. Now Christian’s trying something new, designing a dessert!

The fashion designer and MAGNUM Ice Cream teamed up to create “America’s Most Fashionable Chocolate Dessert.” Christian and James Beard award-winning chef Andrew Carmellini worked together to create a delicious dessert that’s perfect for staying cool this summer. The best part? You can make this treat at home! We had the opportunity to talk with Christian about this new project, plus he dished on all things fashion! Check out the interview below to see who Christian’s dream clients are, plus read what he had to say about his past collaborations with Christina Hendricks and Jennifer Lopez!

Celebuzz: This sounds like such an interesting and unique collaboration, what can you tell us about your partnership with MAGNUM?

Christian Siriano: It was really a great process because originally when they came to me with the idea we wanted to create something that everybody would love in the summer. We wanted something that’s fresh and something that felt really inspired. I loved partnering with chef Andrew Carmellini because I’m a huge fan of his restaurant Lafayette. It was a really organic process. I wanted it to feel cool and fashionable but still something that everybody would love to eat.

CB: You must get tons of offers to do collaborations, what made this one so special to you and made you want to do it?

CS: I’ve done a lot of collaborations and I’ve worked with a lot of brands, but I try to partner with things that I really love and things that I’m really inspired by myself. With this project I really liked the idea that we were creating something that was inspiring to everyone, but in the food space because I haven’t really done anything in that world. I love the idea that people can make this at home, I think that’s really important. I love when my fans or my customers can kind of do it themselves. You know the whole idea, MAGNUM is really about luxury and using the best materials and using the best quality and I’m the same way as well when I’m working on a collection. So I think that really inspired me to want to partner with them.

CB: We know from watching you on Project Runway that you’ve worked with all different kinds of clothes and materials, what was it like to now design a dessert vs. designing clothes? Was it challenging for you or was it just fun?

CS: It was nice, it was quite a process. Now being in business for seven years and having collections season after season and I have a store downtown in New York. Working on so many different projects I thought this was something that I just really love. I love food, I have a passion about that. I love the idea of creating a dessert. So that was just something special that I wanted to try.

CB: You took some of the trends for summer and used them to create the ice cream. Could you tell us what the trends are for summer?

CS: We wanted it to feel quite trend-driven and really what’s happening right now for Spring/Summer. So in my collection we worked with a lot of citrus color blocking and that was something that was really important to create in the plate, we wanted it to have that feeling. Another big trend is the idea of bohemian lace and the idea of embroidery and texture and we wanted to bring that in as well. Then we also wanted to feel very graphic, obviously in fashion it’s very black and white or really bold print. We a modern take on something that was graphic and full of color.

CB: What’s up next for you? Will you be dressing anyone for the Emmy Awards?

CS: Working and creating! We’re working on the next collection which we show in September and then the Emmys will be right before that. So I’m sure we’ll have some sort of project for the Emmys, but it’s always very last minute. Then I have a fragrance launching in September/October as well so it will be a nice busy fall.

CB: Looking back at your career, we know you’ve worked with so many stars. Who has been your favorite to work with?

CS: There’s so many different actresses I loved dressing. I love dressing Christina Hendricks, her and I are good friends and I love working her. I dressed Jennifer Lopez recently a few times and she’s really beautiful. I love her as a person but I also love her work and I think she’s stunning. There’s so many different people. I dressed Coco Rocha for the CFDA Awards and that was really fun because she’s can really wear fashion and she loves to play it and that was kind of exciting. Every muse is a different type of muse.

CB: What happens when you work with someones not up to playing with fashion? Does that come up a lot or do you have to just roll with the punches?

CS: You kind of just have to roll with it. Basically what happens is some things work out and some things don’t. You can never ever think it’s going to happen. You can make 10 custom dresses and they might not end up on the carpet, you just never know. I think that’s the challenge and you just have to never second guess yourself, just do what you love. I try to make what I like and hopefully it works out, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t unfortunately.

CB: And sometimes things happen like in the Melissa McCarthy situation when they can be sometimes difficult to work with.

CS: Yeah I mean you just never know in any situation. Think about you waking up every morning, you look in the mirror and try on a few outfits and you think, “Ugh actually I just don’t look good today I don’t want to wear this dress!” And I understand I’m like, “I don’t like these jeans I don’t like how they look today.” So imagine an actor or musician they have that times a thousand because everyone’s judging what they’re looking like. So that I think is what happens a lot, it’s just that day they’re not into it anymore. I think that that’s something to think about a little bit, which is tough.

CB: Who is your fashion inspiration? Is there someone’s career you would like to emulate or follow?

CS: I think there’s so many great brands out there that are doing great amazing things. I’m a huge fan of Oscar (de la Renta) and Carolina (Herrera) have done because they really built an evening look kind of brand. Of course I love European brands, (Alexander) McQueen, Giambattista Valli. I think that’s what nice is that every brand is kind of doing their own thing but also still being very true to their world. That’s what I’m trying to do, trying be very true to what I love and what I love to do and hopefully people like it.

CB: Looking towards the fall, what are some trends that you’re going to be incorporating in your collection?

CS: What we did will all come out in stores for September/October. My collection is really about luxury so we want people to kind of get dressed up again. So I always say it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. I’d rather everybody in the room talk about, “Oh my god she’s really overdressed for the party, but amazing dress!” Rather than, “Oh why is she wearing flip-flops?” So that’s my thinking for fall!

CB: Is there anyone who you would say really killed it on the red carpet this year? Anyone who’s been catching your eye?

CS: I think so many! Everyone from I think what Cate Blanchett wears is really amazing. I think Lupita (Nyong’o) is stunning, I love her stylist Micaela Erlanger, she’s amazing. I think what Jennifer Lawrence wears is really cool and I love all the Dior that she wears. But there’s so many! I think that’s what’s kinda fun. I think that there’s some actresses right now that are really playing with fashion and really having fun with it, which is exciting to see. Even someone like Lena Dunham like I kinda love what she wears! She just goes with what she’s doing with her body and I love it, it’s amazing.

CB: Yeah that’s really great. She just does what she loves and doesn’t take anything too seriously.

CS: Yeah and I mean fashion should be fun. When people say, “Oh I hate this dress!” But why? It’s just a dress, she’s gonna put on a different dress tomorrow. Everybody should just love it for the playfulness that it is.

CB: Very true. Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you would really love to? Like a dream client?

CS: So many! I’m a big fan of Julianne Moore and I’m a big fan Drew Barrymore, I love her. And I think Kerry Washington is super chic and dresses amazing.

Be sure to check out the recipe for Christian and Andrew’s “MAGNUM Double Caramel Cool Down” HERE and make the tasty treat at home!