Friday Fashion Flashback: Mariah Carey’s Style Evolution

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Today Mariah Carey is one of the biggest, most glamorous divas in all of music history… But was she always that way?

According to her fashion decisions, it looks like yes… Mimi has always been one to go for lots of glitz and glitter and sparkle all over.

The 44-year-old got her start in the industry at just 20-years-old, stunning the music world with her incredible and unique vocal capabilities and sky-rocketed to fame rather quickly.  So it makes sense she’d take on a rather lavish lifestyle.

And recently the singer has been taking her diva-ways to all new levels–like wearing a ball gown to the playground with her two children and bejeweling her sling after dislocating her shoulder.  But I mean… I guess that’s what your do if you’re Mariah Carey?

Anyway, you can check out her fully glammed out style evolution by launching the gallery above!