Let Candace Cameron Bure Tell You About Her Sex Life

Candace + NKOTB
Candace Cameron Bure was a total fangirl at an NKOTB concert.
What’s with celebrities sharing way too much this week?

DJ Tanner, it’s cool you’re happily married with three kids and all, but do we really need to know about what goes on in the boudoir?

In a new interview with The Doctors, Candace Cameron Bure says it’s important for her to stay connected to her husband Valerie. In more ways than one.

“He travels every single week and I’m quite busy as well, so we have to schedule time together,” the 38-year-old former Full House star says on the program. “But the other part is making sure that we stay connected sexually. That’s a very fulfilling part of a marriage.”

“When you’re happy sexually, it kind of just balances the rest of the stuff out. You’re not so mad at each other. You’re not nitpicking at the little things,” Bure adds with a grin.

For more work-life-love balance lessons from Bure, watch the video, below.