What Did Hilary Duff Do to Her Lips?

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She's always had a pretty pout, but did Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff just get her lips plumped up with fillers?

The 26-year-old "Come Clean" singer shared a photo on her Instagram account, and the mother-of-one's mouth looks a little ... fuller.

Duff, who is reportedly debuting a new single next week, posted this suspicious pic yesterday.

While some have commented that the former child star has always had full lips, we're not so sure. Perhaps it's the bold red lipstick or the pose? Here's a comparison. Hilary seen in January of this year (L), and on July 16th (R). Photos: AKM-GSI

What do you think? Did Hilary get a little help to make her pout more pronounced?



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  • Lisa Sofi
    Lisa Sofi

    helloooo! most people taking pictures in that angle and lightly posing looks like they got super plump lips, so is using lip liner and the right lipstick. even though if she injected, we have to remind ourselfs that we're living in 2014, not 1914. its kinda normal. not everyone suits huge amounts, but its their lips, theyre supposed to make themself feel good, not pleasing everyone else :)

  • Ivelisse Marin-Ortiz
    Ivelisse Marin-Ortiz

    She still looks pretty and natural in my eyes!

  • Lizabeth Croft
    Lizabeth Croft

    Even if she did, I think they look good..

  • Monali Nawarathna
    Monali Nawarathna

    So what if she got lip injections ??? It's her life she can do whatever she wants .. It's simple as that