Selena Gomez Goes See Through as She Post Controversial 'Gaza' Instagram Pic

Selena Goes Braless
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Another celebrity tweet, another celebrity controversy.

Selena Gomez tweeted what she thought was an innocent tweet of support, but quickly learned that a number of people thought she was choosing sides in an international conflict.


This is the photo she posted along with the tweet:

She was quickly unfollowed by a slew of fans, while others took to criticize the singer's tweet. She later clarified her earlier tweet.

Gomez is currently attending the 2014 Ischia Global Film & Music Fest and she sported another daring look. Selena rocked a feathery white skirt along with a completely sheer blouse with a white bra. Oh la la!

To see more of Selena's look, launch the gallery above for more photos.



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  • Adam Eden Muhammed
    Adam Eden Muhammed

    if isreal stop attacking gaza from air, sea and land constantly,then rockets will stop being fired into isreal

  • Michael McKee
    Michael McKee

    Israel gives full notice of where the upcoming attacks will be located well in advance. Hamas chooses to locate rockets in schools and civilian homes and Hamas is solely responsible for harm to civilians. How long would we tolerate every major city in our country coming under relentless rocket fire from our borders?

  • Daniella Hilichesku
    Daniella Hilichesku

    fake boobs,ugly dress or whatever it is and her opinion about the conflict between gaza and israel, well 1st no one asked ur opinion 2nd when u post a pic that says "pray for gaza" it means u did choose a side bcuz it didnt said "pray for peace between gaza and israel" so yeah selena be pretty and shut ur mouth bcuz u sound like a natural blonde

  • Karina Stupakov
    Karina Stupakov

    IGNORENT BI*** , try living next to terorists then speak. people of gaza shouldn't let hamas be their legal goverment

  • Ty San
    Ty San

    @Matt Frith, did you actually say the babies were the ones or are launching the rocket. I'll have what you're having dude. Seriously though, did you really think anyone with an once of common sense would agree with that comment? STFU

  • Mostafa Ghazizadeh
    Mostafa Ghazizadeh

    ha when you talking about israel killing people you shouldn't take sides especialy when you work at hollywood. doesn't matter if babies r killing hahahahaha what a ridiculous world

  • Matt Frith
    Matt Frith

    Pray for the babies??? They're the ones launching the rockets at Israel!!!

  • West Oran Getrol
    West Oran Getrol

    It's OK to pick sides as long as it's the jewish side, then no one complains.

  • Matt Frith
    Matt Frith

    You can honestly say she didn't get her fame for her brains. Does she know about the unending rockets that came from Gaza that lead to this. Maybe later we'll get a chance to see her firing a few rockets herself.


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