Shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio Looks a Little Bloated on Miami Beach

Leo at French Open
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It seems like Leonardo DiCaprio has been really enjoying his summer so far!

The Wolf of Wall Street actor was just spotted on Miami Beach looking a little heavier than usual. The unflattering pictures show Leo chilling on the beach, taking off his shirt and smoking an electronic cigarette. It looks like the 39-year-old actor is growing his hair out too! Check out our gallery for all of the latest Leo pics!

This trip to Miami is just the latest escapade in Leo's long list of adventures this summer. He's been spending a lot of time traveling around the world in recent months. Leo was just in Brazil hanging out on a $678 million yacht during the World Cup! Wow! He's really living the life.

While there was no sign of Leo's model girlfriend, Tori Garrn, in Miami, the two are reportedly still together. Leo even moved Toni into his NYC apartment back in May and the two seemed stronger than ever. Engagement rumors were flying around at the time, but with Leo you never really know what's going to happen.

To see all of the photos of Leo in Miami, check out our gallery! Then tell us, what do you think of Leo's beach body? Sound off in the comments!


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  • rogerox

    very ugly now and ridiculous beard

  • Pablo Fernandez
    Pablo Fernandez

    Who cares? The guy pulls more ass than anyone commenting on here.

  • Shauna Stokes
    Shauna Stokes

    How about we line up a group of 39 year olds and see what the rest of us look like. Give the man a break.

  • Michael Cowles
    Michael Cowles

    Who cares!? Isn't there more to be concerned about in this World besides Leonardo's gut!?

  • Sheila Moyet
    Sheila Moyet

    Grow up people...nobody stays young and beautiful forever. Take a good look in the mirror.

  • Angela Tina
    Angela Tina

    It's just Leo on the beach relaxing. So what? He's turning sideways for goodness sakes. He will be 40 this year and he stills looks good. GO LEO!

  • FakeOne Dust
    FakeOne Dust

    Time to start eating. Because women flip over this dude....LOL

  • Rick Donnell
    Rick Donnell

    great shape...for a 60 yr. old.

  • Final Cut List
    Final Cut List

    He's got a new role coming up he's getting ready for. He's set to play JESS COHEN in a new biopic- he's about halfway there, only another 40 pounds to pork it up.

  • Tymothy Seward
    Tymothy Seward

    I wonder just how many people who are bashing Dicaprio for his weight would do the same if this was an A list female celebrity. I wonder how many people who are commenting on Dicaprio's belly flew into fits of rage when Howard Stern made comments about Gabouray Sidibay's weight. If you are the type to equally shame men _and_ women for their lack of pop culture acceptable physicality then at least I can applaud you for your even handedness in shaming. The rest of you though are just shameful.

  • Leslie C Blenkhorn
    Leslie C Blenkhorn

    Look at the paunch on him, he has a belly like a drinker.

  • Russ Brooks
    Russ Brooks

    Leo, it is time to hit the treadmill son!

  • Buck Wheat
    Buck Wheat

    Dope smoking and beer will do it every time.

  • Eddie Otworth
    Eddie Otworth

    more like his wallet is what there looking at lol...

  • Derek Eisenberg
    Derek Eisenberg

    Capiro? Where's your editor?

  • AndrĂ© Niquet
    André Niquet

    Man ... he still looks good ... a) he is sitting down b) he isn't 20 anymore ...

  • Corinna Carpenter
    Corinna Carpenter

    And this is what my fellow ladies call 'sexy'?