Miley Cyrus is Not Dead, Facebook Hoax Tricks Many

Miley Cyrus is the latest celebrity to be pronounced dead by a recent social media hoax.

A Facebook post that went viral Saturday afternoon said the 21-year-old singer was “found dead in her Los Angeles home” after she “overdosed.”

However, the bogus post was simply a scam to send users who click to a bunch of surveys that make money for the scammers behind the whole thing.

But it didn’t stop Smilers from getting worried about the “We Can’t Stop” singer… Especially since the normally very active social media guru has been silent on all fronts the last two days.

Miley’s last tweet and Instagram photo were both posted on Friday July 18, which may be why the hoax was even more believable yesterday.

So now everyone just wants to know: Where the heck is Miley any way?!

Launch the gallery above to see which other celebrities have been the victim of death hoaxes.